Infants (6 weeks-11 months)

 At the youngest level, our focus is on keeping   our infants safe, while simultaneously providing   stimulation through age-appropriate toys and   tummy time. Our caregiver to child ratios ensure   that your child will receive ultimate care. Infants   are provided daily reports to communicate   feedings, naps, needs, progress, etc. As infants   age into the upper infant classroom, our focus   continues to be safe play, as the infants are   entering the "wobbler" stage! The classroom   allows for choice of play, socialization activities,   and a large area of independence. 

Toddlers (18 months-3 years)

Our focus in our toddler classrooms is to promote social skills, along with the addition of curriculum pieces. Our daily schedules consist of circle time, music, fine motor skills, outdoor play, quiet time, art, science, and the introduction of center play. As the toddlers age out of our final toddler room, we introduce potty training in preparation for the preschool classes. The potty training process takes total cooperation between school and home, so it is vital for parents to encourage and work with the child at home as well. Communication is key during this sometimes challenging time!


 The Director of Tiny Sprouts Academy has several years of     experience in elementary education. Through this knowledge, our   center has adopted schedules, activities, and educational skills to   foster a foundation of strong growth for our children.

 We anticipate an integration of the Frog Street Curriculum in the Fall   of 2023 to add to our daily schedules. We strive to add excellent   programs to our center, and we look forward to the positive effects of   these tools!

Preschool (3 years-5 years)

As our children reach the preschool classrooms, our focus is a structured 'school-like' day, with opportunities for circle time, curriculum aspects, free and structured play, outdoor play, science topics,  independent and group activities, sight words, problem solving skills, and quiet time. Our staff encourages imaginative play, problem-solving skills, and independently led activities.