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Visit us at 2903 North Azalea, Victoria, TX 77901

 Tiny Sprouts Academy 2015    361-579-7126     tinysproutsacademy@gmail.com     2903 North Azalea, Victoria, TX 77901   


We strive to provide the safest, nurturing environment for our children.  We understand there is no such thing as too safe, when it comes to our children.   In our academy, we offer secure access to our families using a coded entry system.  Our facility is also monitored by a fire safety alarm system. Our families remain technologically connected to our center through the Remind app. Any important notifications, bulletins, newsletters, etc. are sent via the app so that families receive information in a timely manner.


Our academy has been fully remodeled to provide above adequate facilities for our families and children. We also have a fenced play area to provide practice in gross and fine motor skills.

* Fully remodeled facility

* 8 Classrooms

* Computers in Lil' Fireflies and Lil' Bumblebees classrooms (3 years to 5 years)

* Classroom furniture conducive to child choice of activities

* Fenced outdoor play area


Our children's health and safety is of utmost importance to us, as some of us are parents too.  We promote a healthy and active lifestyle habits. 

* Morning snack

* Healthy, hot lunch served family style (sandwich day is Monday)

* Afternoon snack

* We follow your infant feeding plans

* Allergy awareness plans and special diet preferences provided to children who require it (parents provide dairy alternatives, if needed)

* Outdoor play time, as weather permits to encourage physical activity