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About Us

When you enter Tiny Sprouts Academy, we hope that you feel the warm welcome we aim to provide.  While your child is in our care, we want you to rest assure that the time spent here is full of growth throughout all developmental domains.  Our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing environment where it is all about the children.  We act as caring facilitators in preparing your child to become an independent, successful young learner.


We follow a monthly/weekly theme at Tiny Sprouts Academy.  Throughout our curriculum, we embed practice in letter recognition and phonemes, colors, numbers, and shapes.  Science and social studies topics are covered in the upper classrooms.  As our children progress through our uppermost classroom, our curriculum pieces become more intense in preparation for grade school.  Our daily schedules follow times of structured play (indoors/outdoors), free play, meals, table activities, and special events. We begin to build the foundations of learning when children enroll with us, and we strive to embed a love of reading, expression, and independence as the children grow with us! Here are some key points related to each classroom:

Lil' Caterpillars (6 weeks-11 months)

At the youngest ages of six weeks to twelve months, our focus is on keeping our infants safe, while simultaneously providing stimulation through age-appropriate toys and tummy time.  Our strict caregiver to child ratios ensure that your child will receive  ultimate care. We strive to have open communication about the development and needs of our infants.

Lil' Butterflies (12 months-17 months)

From twelve months through seventeen months, our focus remains on safe play and learning to interact among friends.  This classroom is upbeat and energetic! Infants in Lil' Butterflies are served regular table menu items, along with whole milk. Many of the children in this group are "wobblers", meaning they're getting to know their environment from an upright mobility perspective! Self-feeding becomes a daily practice for this group of children.

Lil' Ladybugs (18 months-2 years)

When our children reach the Lil' Ladybugs classroom, the teachers provide a variety of activities to meet the children's developmental abilities.  Our focus continues to foster interacting among other children-learning to share toys, and becoming more independent, using spoons and sitting in child-sized chairs at our tables. 

Lil' Snails (2 years-2.5 years)

As toddlers reach 2 years old, they enter a new world of independence. The toddlers participate in a variety of activities, including morning circle time, center time, stories, music/sing-along time, art time. The Lil' Snails experience more structured activity times throughout the day. Potty training may begin if the child shows readiness with our staff toward the end of time in this classroom; although, not all children are ready to begin training in this stage.  Our potty training process remains positive, and if the child is not ready (with us), we will wait until those signs are shown.

Lil' Turtles (2.5 years-3 years)

Toddlers in the Lil' Turtles classroom range from about 2 1/2 years to 3 years old. The processes and routines the toddlers used in Lil' Snails is similar to Lil' Turtles. We encourage our toddlers to show creativity through dramatic play, art work, and circle time. Toddlers in this classroom have structured play time, both indoors and outdoors. Potty training is a focal part of this class, as we encourage families to be totally on board with the training process.

Lil' Frogs (3 years-3.5 years)

Toddlers reach the Lil' Frogs classroom when the reach 3 years old. Toddlers in the classroom start their day with circle time. This morning routine consists of daily pledge, curriculum songs, and various repetitive songs to learn letters, shapes, numbers, days/months, etc. The circle time is jam-packed with lots of fun, educational songs and dances, so we encourage personal growth as they become better speakers and communicators of their knowledge! Our 3-year olds also participate in center time, art time, and dramatic play. The Lil' Frogs also begin practicing skills such as crayon/pencil grip, following directions, independence of potty time, tracing, and preparing them for a slight more structure in the next classroom.

Lil' Bumblebees (3.5 years-4 years)

As children reach the Lil' Bumblebees classroom, they transition into more organized activities and games.  The classroom fosters center or work areas where children become independent in choosing activities that interest them. Daily routines in the Lil' Bumblebees also consist of daily pledge, curriculum songs, and fun, educational songs to reinforce letters, numbers, days, months, etc. Toddlers in Lil' Bumblebees utilize a workbook curriculum as a supplement to other activities used throughout the school year. Families pay an additional supplies fee to purchase the workbook for their child.

Lil' Fireflies (4 years-5 years)

In our oldest classroom, we promote readiness for elementary school.  We provide literacy, math, science, and social studies activities to stimulate and instill a love of learning across all subject areas.  Preschoolers in our Lil' Fireflies participate in daily music and stories to reinforce basic skills. Like the Lil' Bumblebees, preschoolers in Lil' Fireflies also use a workbook for daily practice skills.  The level of independence grows throughout the school year, as activities become a bit more challenging to practice those problem-solving skills. Our children in this class also begin reading sight words to prepare them for prekindergarten or kindergarten. Children in Families pay an additional supplies fee once a year to purchase the workbook for their child.

‚ÄčMelissa Helfer--Owner/Director

Melissa is a former elementary school teacher who understands the focal point of this business is the children. She has a passion for teaching and interacting with children and felt the need to pursue this new journey of opening a child care business after teaching elementary school for over ten years.   As a mother of three, her child care needs go beyond the typical work day at Tiny Sprouts Academy.  She takes to time to meet with families and discuss the growth and changes each child is experiencing, providing insight from both the educational and parenting perspectives of progress and change.  She is ecstatic about venturing into this journey with T.S.A. families and  hopes to provide every child who attends Tiny Sprouts Academy one of  strong roots, love, and exceptional growth.