Lil' Butterflies

12 months-17 months

Our older infant classroom focuses on building body stability to engage in gross motor skills. Along with "wobbling", our infants experience climbing and crawling. The older infant classroom allows for more independence with meal time. The infants receive three meals daily. The children are able to practice simple fine motor/pincer grasp skills each day. Story time, music, art, and communication skills are just part of the overall learning components found in Lil' Butterflies.

Lil' Bumblebees

42 months-47 months

Our Lil' Bumblebees classroom focuses on following the path begun in Lil' Frogs. Children continue to work on tracing and letter recognition. Basic skills of letters, colors, numbers, and shapes are all reviewed and extended in this classroom. Each day is packed with centers, circle time, outdoor play, structured activities, story time, and art. There is a school supply list for this classroom.

Lil' Snails

24 months-29 months

Our 2 year old, toddler, class, Lil' Snails boasts a variety of centers, including library, dramatic play, puzzles, blocks, and more! Lil' Snails participate in daily circle time, story time, song and dance, art, outdoor play, and structured indoor play. This classroom also focuses on learning to verbally communicate needs and wants with one another. There is a small school supply list for this classroom.

Lil' Caterpillars

6 weeks-11 months

Our youngest infant classroom focuses on providing meals, rest time, and play time. The classroom schedule allows for our infants to make the most of the day, allowing time for all aspects of learning. Our infants gain fine and gross motor skills throughout their foundation building in our infant classroom.

Lil' Turtles

30 months-35 months

Our Lil' Turtles is deemed our 'official' potty training classroom, although, we do have children who occasionally potty train at different times due to developmental levels. With our focus being the potty training process, we strongly encourage parents to be a part of this milestone. It takes both time and cooperation from all involved to be successful. Along with potty training, this class also participates in daily circle time, centers, music, story time, outdoor play, and art. There is a school supply list for this classroom.

Our Classrooms



Lil' Fireflies

4 years-5 years

Lil' Fireflies are the oldest children housed in our center. Lil' Fireflies children participate in dramatic play, centers, outdoor play, art, science, sight words, letter/number recognition, story time, circle time, and other structured activities. The Lil' Fireflies classroom aims to build strong problem-solving skills, along with independent learning. Lil' Fireflies follow a 'school-like' schedule to prepare for elementary school. There is a school supply list for this classroom.

Lil' Frogs

36 months-41 months

Our three-year old class, Lil' Frogs, spends the day filled with structured activities, tracing, outdoor play, circle time, art, music, story time, and center play. The Lil' Frogs classroom focuses on learning to grip a writing utensil, along with tracing of the child's name. Letter recognition, counting, and shape recognition are also emphasized as our young three's graduate into the upper preschool classrooms.

Lil' Ladybugs

18 months-23 months

Our youngest toddler class, Lil' Ladybug boasts a larger group of intrigued toddlers! The classroom is larger due to the larger group size. Children in Lil' Ladybugs have daily music, stories, and learning skills, such as colors, shapes, letters, etc. Our youngest toddlers enjoy circle time, art activities, outdoor play, and indoor play time.