Our Goals

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- To ensure safety during all routines and activities in a    
     nurturing environment which is loving, positive, and  
     conducive to exploratory learning

- To support social and emotional development through
     positive guidance and interactions

- To develop caring and sharing partnerships with all
     parents through written, verbal communication

- To assess and conduct educational screenings to monitor
     child learning

- To provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum that
     engages children in activities to promote problem
     solving, creativity, and independence

- To prepare students for elementary school through
     consistent daily routines

- To foster an appreciation for cultural diversity and positive

- To encourage a love of learning and exploration

Our Mission

Tiny Sprouts Academy’s mission is to provide a secure nurturing and educational environment conducive to learning through multi-sensory approaches. While we offer a program to meet the emotional, social, moral, intellectual, and physical needs of each child, our goal is to provide educational opportunities in which we promote every child’s growth and development enabling them to make positive life choices.